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dynabook business laptops | mobilize your workforce

Feature-rich technology when you want a laptop and a tablet in a single device. Available in both flip-top and detachable screen models.

Built for business
Designed to help you work more efficiently, our Tecra laptops offer everything a business professional could want.


Light in weight. Strong in design.
Designed for those who demand the very best in mobile computing.

Empower your workforce
Designed specifically for the enterprise to optimize the efficiency of your frontline workers – whether remote or onsite

dynabook 2-in-one models

Portégé X30T

Elegantly engineered for proven performance.

  • The amazing 2 -in-1 detachable Portégé X30T powered by 8th generation Intel® Core™ processors. Use it as an outstanding full port business laptop with up to 15.5 hours of battery life, or enjoy tablet style freedom.
  • The freedom to work how you would like, with options including LTE connectivity – which gives you always on internet – as well as Toshiba Universal Stylus Pen with Wacom AES Pen Technology, ideal for Windows Ink.
  • A magnesium chassis with honeycomb construction means it’s tough enough to stand the demands of business. It meets military standard MIL STD 810G and has been tested to pass TUV HALT standards which simulate three years of usage.
Portégé X30T the amazing 2-in-1 detachable complete business laptop
Portege X20W convertible laptop tablet elegantly engineered for business and daily working

Portégé X20W

Built for business and daily working

Portégé X20W, elegantly engineered to power your working day in stylish blue and gold; ultra-thin at only 15.4 mm and weighing just 1.1 kg; strong and powerful 12.5″ business 2-in-1, with a 7th generation Intel® Core™ processor in a magnesium chassis.

Portégé Models

Portégé X20W 2-in-1 business laptop

Portégé X20W

Get it All Done with One™

Sleek, versatile, modern and powerful. The Portégé® X20W embodies these characteristics and much more as Dynabook’s new premium 2-in-1 convertible notebook.

Portégé A30

Experience full mobility for professionals

Discover the 33.8 cm (13.3”) Portégé A30 – the ultra-mobile, ultra-secure PC that makes you more productive on the move.

dynabook Tecra A30 business laptop
Portege X30L Laptop Computer

Portégé X30L

Superlight laptop. Heavyweight performance.

Lighter than light, stronger than strong. The dynabook Portégé X30L is an ultra-lightweight 13.3" laptop specifically crafted to bring the latest technology to on-the-go workers.

Portégé X30T


As Dynabook's newest 2-in-1, the Portégé® X30T is a detachable laptop that combines the mobility of a premium tablet and the performance of a thin and light laptop to create the Modern PC.

Portégé X30T complete business laptop
Portege X30 business laptop computer

Portégé X30

Power meets mobility

Unleash your working power with the ultra-mobile, 1.05 kg dynabook Portégé X30. With the latest 10th generation Intel® Core™ processors, you can perform wherever your day takes you.

Portégé X40

Power your productivity

The dynabook Portégé X40 puts productivity and privacy first. Combining innovative business features within a sleek, mobile and robust design, it’s elegantly engineered to help you power through every working day with the utmost security.

Portege X40 business laptop computer
Portege X50 business laptop computer

Portégé X50

Full productivity – maximum mobility

A big, bright screen helps you review and create with ease. A light chassis empowers you to work on the move. And with the Portégé X50, you get both.

Tecra Models

Tecra ​A30

Experience full mobility for professionals

dynabook’s Tecra A30 delivers unrivalled productivity and reliability on the move. Powerful, durable and secure, with an ultra-thin design and superfast boot up, this laptop is ready for anything.

portege A30 business laptop computer
Tecra A40 business laptop

Tecra ​A40

Designed for optimum portability

The dynabook Tecra A40 is an exceptionally portable, connected and secure 14" business laptop, specifically designed for the modern mobile worker.

Tecra ​A50

Productivity Unbound

The full-performance Tecra A50 was designed to be easily taken on-the-go without worry. Its stylish, reinforced chassis exceeds US Military standards for strength and durability.

Tecra A50 performance business laptop
Tecra X40 business laptop

Tecra ​X40

Masterfully Crafted to Fit Everybody's Needs

The Tecra® X40 is a one-size-fits-all laptop that combines unprecedented style and durability with unrelenting performance and portability.

Tecra ​X50

Full productivity – maximum mobility

With premium performance features, stylish design and durable ToughBody magnesium alloy construction, the Tecra® X50 delivers reliable long-term productivity for the most demanding applications.

Tecra® X50

dynabook Services

Configuration Services

The arrival of new IT equipment is usually followed by complex and time-consuming configuration tasks, as several steps must be completed before a PC device is ready for use. But what if you could just unpack your new Toshiba/dynabook devices and start working with them immediately?

Whether you want to use software imaging for unified setup, tag your devices for added security, personalise system BIOS and drive types, or add your company logo to chassis and packaging. With the Configuration Services, you get your individual setup done directly from the factory, reducing in-house efforts to a minimum.

Deployment Services

Our Deployment Services span from professional on-site installation by experienced technicians to data migration and the dismantling of your old devices. We manage the compilation of required hardware components and offer a scheduled delivery on customer terms, including non-standard workdays and after business hours. Furthermore, we take care of disconnecting peripherals and transferring existing data to your new devices. Depending on your needs, the services can be purchased separately or as combined packages.


Afraid of unexpected costs once the standard warranty of your Toshiba/dynabook product has expired? Extend your warranty and choose between different Service durations up to 4 years to secure your technology investment in the long term. Selected Warranty Extensions further entitle you to one Battery Replacement claim within the service period or the retention of your defective hard drive in case it needs to be replaced.

On-site Repair

Need professional assistance – no matter where you are? We’re just around the corner.
You have an important meeting in a couple of days, but something has gone wrong with your Toshiba/dynabook product? With the On-site Repair Service there is no need to worry. Choose for a Service duration up to 4 years and decide between our different On-site Support-Levels. Further, a Battery or Docking Replacement Service can simply be added on top of your On-site Service as well as a Hard Drive Retention Service. Depending on the On-site offer you choose and the extent of your product defect, our Toshiba/dynabook Support Centre will either send a Toshiba/dynabook original service part for you to replace or dispatch a Toshiba/dynabook certified engineer to your location by the end of the next business day*, so you will be back in business in no time.

Support Services

Managing all Toshiba/dynabook assets within your organisation is essential to sustain their high-quality performance. That’s why we created the Business Support Portal – so you have everything you need to keep track of your assets, and keep them running to their full potential.

Get a comprehensive list of all your Toshiba/dynabook devices, request and track services, find technical documents and much more – all within one online platform. Put simply, the Business Support Portal helps you save extra time and effort which you can fully invest in your own business.

dynabook as a Service (daaS)

We’re about more than just devices.

Connect with our hardware, accessories, software, lifecycle services and software solutions. All for one fixed fee. Create the perfect package to meet your needs, now and in the future.

Dynabook Quality Control Process


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