Businesses in today’s interconnected world need more than industry leading printing, copying, scanning and faxing capabilities from their Multi-Function Products (MFPs). They need integrated product offerings that connect their hard copy documents with the applications that manage their business.

Our Optimized Scanning Solutions bring speed and efficiency to document capture. Scanning, indexing, filing, distributing, retrieving: all of these time-intensive tasks can be accomplished either automatically, when you’re scanning, or within seconds by touching icons on the MFP’s touchscreen control panel. Document capture has never been easier.

Our Optimized Workflow Solutions help everyone on the team become more efficient by streamlining repetitive tasks. Securely and effortlessly scan documents directly to the person, application or business function that needs them.

In the cloud or on your own servers, our software solutions make business-critical information available to authorized employees anytime, anywhere from almost any device, including phones and tablets.

Reliably track equipment usage and attribute print, copy, fax, and scan activity to the associated client accounts or projects.  Create detailed reports, interface with accouting systems, and even add billable activity to client invoices.

Securely access business critical data from your mobile devices.  Interface with equipment, industry-specific applications, and files from the cloud or your own servers.